Friday, May 05, 2006

The Infamous meekon5.

And so it begins!
Another corner of the web taken over by the Poet Philosopher (anarchist).
Faced with the blank page all those erudite, and amusing observations become smoke on the wind (wiped from my mind as quickly as they appeared).
The major problem is to actually think of something interesting to say. This though is a beginning, I have broken the ice and can build on this in the future.
The following items I dedicate to the fools that think they run (ran) Lewmar Ltd so well, and who caused me so much mental problem, that I can only hope history will prove their undoing and not mine. Though as I have said before, it is no use cursing those who cant see they are already cursed, and living in hell. Hell is not eternity with the same people, (sorry Sartre), but the foolishness of believing you are actually doing something important, and well, when we are not. I thank them for giving me the keys to Hades and letting me out, rather than insisting I remain for the eternity they are happy to perform. (from my "Little Black Book" collection, Sunday, 20 March 2005) Please don't assume that I am a completely unhappy individual (I am a lot better since I stopped taking the medication).


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