Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chapter 04 - The God Emperor of the Four Deaconates Verses Batak Inc.

“You've been out of circulation for quite a while if you've not heard of The God Emperor of the Four Deaconates Verses Batak Inc.”
“I was not born Sol, and a lot of the work I have done for Uncle is not in the area, if you know what I mean.” again the lizard smile, I feel a cold chill.
“I suppose it all came to a head in my younger years. Batak Inc were one of the first adopters of the Junis Project. They invested heavily and even completely financed one of the Initialiser vessels. As such they got rights to whatever the probe and it's offspring returned to earth. Their CEO Roger Batak himself even managed to get his DNA accepted as clone templates for the Junis model sixes that would eventually master the extraction and distribution of resources back to earth. Time passed. Roger himself being immensely wealthy went from clone stock to clone stock. By the time the allotted resources should have been returning to Batak Inc he was wearing a Junis eight clone hybrid body. A couple of hundreds of years had passed. Batak Inc had diversified and consolidated, and was now one of the major families in the Sol colonies. Batak himself was a really big player.”
“Well fairly miffed at the lack of return on his ancient investment, and seeing the huge pay back some of the other smaller families were getting from lesser commercial enterprises, mostly conglomerate investment cartels, he raised an army. Tech had moved on a pace, so fairly soon they dropped into the expected deaconate ready for a bit of a scrap. You know a small planet side war. Possibly a year or two, nothing too expensive. Only to find the clone children of Batak had fought amongst themselves, and the one survivor had destroyed two brothers, and a sister, and announced himself The God Emperor of The Four Deaconates.”
“The God Emperor was not exactly pleased to see the Batak contingent. To cut a long story short, after some eighty years of pitched battle, across planets, and even systems, the Batak Legions lost everything to the God Emperors battle seasoned troops. Batak himself was captured, bound and sent before the God Emperor to plead for his worthless life. In his moment of ultimate triumph the God Emperor bent to receive the plea for mercy from his makers own lips. What the God Emperor had not allowed for was the Black Rod Protocol. Batak whispered a simple pre-prepared phrase into his ear, the God Emperor seceded all rights and symbols of authority to Batak, simply handed over the keys to the four deaconates he controlled, fell to his knees and went into a coma. Batak had him carted off for clone fodder to his private vats.”
“Nowadays you would probably consider it only a minor inter faction skirmish.”
“It's the first instance where there were signs that there may be problems with the Junis Six. Junis Corp denied there was any problem with any of the rest of the sixes. Quietly instigating the Purge of the Long Knives that lead to the eights destroying then replacing every six they could find. Unfortunately the eights were not as efficient as they should have been and some sixes escaped to spread the word throughout all the thirty six deaconates. The eights realising their error instigated the hunter killer class, the nines, all armed with the ultimate weapon, Bataks Black Rod Protocol. Become known as the Black Rod themselves they led legions into the stars and still continue the battle to this day. Many of the sixes don't want to give up the power and possition they have aquired.”
“In the incidents wake the Hub Temple instigated a rigorous testing of any inbound or outbound space traveller. From the slate you just passed me you were tested inbound only a few months ago, so the legislation doesn't apply. I on the other hand rarely leave the Sol system, and haven't in the last hundred years or so, and must therefore submit myself for personal testing before we can leave.”
“I will bid you good night and retire to my chambers.” I stand, bow, and leave up the stairs in the corner of the common room.

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