Monday, May 08, 2006

Facist Mortgage Company (Letter to The Times)

Dear Sirs,

I am not sure if you will be interested in this story or not.

Having been signed off work for eight months with stress and depression, heavily medicated with seroxat, my wages were halved (as per my contract of employment), thus causing me severe problems with my mortgage. As a result I was unable to make payment for four months. Contacting my mortgage company I agreed to pay the interest on the mortgage, and something towards a £100 overdraft in an associated account. Being paid weekly (on a Friday) I hit certain problems now and again. For instance the last payment for February had to be made in the first few days of March, the Friday that week being the third of March.
After fourteen months of struggling, and eight continuous months of managing to pay regularly (though not to the banks satisfaction) the mortgage company, the Woolwich (really Barclays) have finally decided to hand my details over to their solicitors. I have to admit that their intermittent threats to do so (regular letters every other month) have done nothing for my state of mind, and medical condition (of which they are more than aware).
I find that on contacting them about a month ago the original agreement to hold all charges and interest has not actually been in effect since July last year. This means that with the compound charges it appears I now owe £1653.29 for the £100 overdraft (for fourteen months), and £3889.18 in arrears on my mortgage.
The Woolwich is yet again threatening to re-posses my home and ensures me should there be any short fall in the sale of the property I will have to make up the difference.

To be honest with you I received far better treatment from the double glazing company (whom I owe £9500), who are quiet happy for me to pay them £10 a month until such time as my finances improve and I am able to make a more significant payment.

Yours (in deep depression)


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And I thought I had money issues.

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