Friday, January 20, 2012

Source Code - meekon5 - review.

OK to start with I suppose I owe you some sort of explanation. I have started to work through my backlog of DVD's. As I am now watching quite a few films in the week, I have decided to try to review them here. Each time I finish a film I will try to take a picture of the cover then blog here, rather than try to describe the plot and my impressions to everyone, I can just point them here.
I have to say I was somewhat surprised by this film. That is nicely surprised. I am always wary of films (or books) that refer other films (or books) in terms of "The New". As in "The New Lord of the Rings", or in this case "The New Inception". I always feel you can bet that any film that has to say this is of course going to be nothing like the hype they are pushing.
Having heard from a number of sources that Inception was a brain twister then being really disappointed with it, I was expecting this (Source Code) to be a poor attempt at what was a poor attempt at over intellectualised psychological sci-fi. I was really surprised, though the story is a little contrite, it does stand up on it's own and is nothing as bad as Inception.
A soldier wakes up in someone else's body. There then ensues an almost groundhog days round of the soldier returning to the same eight minutes on a doomed train. Avoiding a lot of the usual time travel paradoxes by being set in a virtual environment.
It's defiantly worth seeing.

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