Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Web Site Is Still Up.


Whilst trawling the net for pictures of myself (not vanity just the fact I forgot to bring one in to upload to the blog here), much to my surprise and delight I find the “official” FECOO (First Evangelical Church of Onan) website is still up and running :-).
The Hit counter is dead though!
"Welcome To The O.F.E.C. Official Homepage. A quick word from their Holinesses the Pope, and the Anti-Pope (ne Holy Loss), Simon and Pete, respectivly.
Why a religion based on inuendo and masturbation? Desparation, searching, looking for something different. An alternative to the main stream religions that are taking themselves too seriously. A truly non-sectarian religion, with bars to no one, as in truth all people must at one time have at least thought of joining us. Or been accused of being one of us. An adaptable religion that fits in with your way of life. "


Anonymous anti pope (fecoo)ipqcme said...

'join us join us'
Me thinks we're overdue a 'council of hands'

11 May, 2006 21:22  
Blogger chris said...

I'm still trying to figure out how to upload a pic. any advice?

11 May, 2006 23:54  

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