Friday, May 12, 2006

Prayer #2.

Right I claim in my profile that I am some sort of poet so here's some of my work:

Prayer #2.

And I went up upon the mountain,
And spake unto the gods of consumption and capitalism thus:

“For have I not been a good and diligent consumer?
Have I not purchased even the most banal and useless crap,
In the name of fashion and popularity?
Have I not spent many hours of devotion in front of the thirty six inch wide screen one eyed neon idol in the corner of my lounge,
And have I not undertaken the most holy writ of credit,
Even unto points well beyond my means?
To sacred mortification in penury and debt!
Unto almost bankruptcy!
Have I not been one of your most pious and devoted hedonists?
Thus I plead to you,
Oh fickle gods of finance,
Would it not be unjust?
To bestow upon your most devout and staunch servant?
A little more money to spend upon your devotion,
(About twice my current wages would be fine!).
What sort of sacrifice do you want of me?

Yours in the service of Mammon,
Etc etc,

Simon Kennedy 21/09/2004. Performed 13/10/2004 (The Cha Cha Bar).


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