Thursday, July 20, 2006



Blogger Rob7534 said...

I like yours better! My tombstone reads that I was a glutton!


20 July, 2006 13:51  
Blogger meekon5 said...

Mine has a sort of Iluminati (Hate the da-vinci code thing) feel about it.

20 July, 2006 14:17  
Blogger Gentleman-hobbs said...

He didn't know fuck nothing he knew fuck all!

25 July, 2006 17:19  
Blogger mullet said...

mine read that i will be missed by transvestite prostitutes

25 July, 2006 17:27  
Blogger meekon5 said...

A lot of the ones from the office involved being missed by transvestite prostitutes, but then this is Portsmouth.

26 July, 2006 08:32  
Blogger SafeTinspector said...

"rosebud"?!? In death you seemed a bit derivative! Hardly like you.
I want my epitaph to read, "Hey, Watch This!"

01 August, 2006 14:50  
Blogger meekon5 said...

Or His last words were "And then you light the blue touch paper and Oh!"

03 August, 2006 11:10  

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