Thursday, July 27, 2006

Big Brother PCC Style

Ok they have finally taken the biscuit. Following links from Scaryduck about his 2002 success I decide to peruse some of the runners up as mentioned. I attempt to look at Greenfairy. Now I am use to the damn Council filter software not allowing me to see any of the usual gaming site discussions that I frequent (or used to frequent) giving me the The Websense category “Gaming” is filtered crap, just in case any of the naughty council pixies were playing games online or downloading games (twats, just disable bloody admin rights on the pc). But this tops the tree.

I reserve the right to decide if I think something is “Tasteless” not the fascists at the PCC. If it wasn’t for the reason that I’m doing this during work time I would complain.

Yours incensed

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PS. PCC = Portsmouth City Council aka Kafka’s Castle. (for those of you who read this and are not shackled to a desk here).


Blogger mullet said...

i dunno, all this talk about kafka - the amount of shyte I have downloaded 'illegally'...& yet I still sit here untouched - 2 tix - someone at the door! Fair is fair pope...if you employed someone to write the scriptures - would you approve of them doing anything but?

28 July, 2006 21:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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28 July, 2006 22:49  
Blogger mullet said...

Haha -even with word verification???

29 July, 2006 03:51  
Blogger meekon5 said...

To be honest mullets if I employed someone to write the scriptures they would not have internet access unless they needed it. An organisation like “the castle” here has an obligation to stop their employees viewing certain styles of illegal material on the net (if you view it you have downloaded it, that’s how your web browser works). They also may block certain sites that may cause offence (for instance the removal of certain styles of calendar from the shop floor at a factory I used to work in). the reason I object to this is the implication that it may cause offence possibly because of the name including “fairy”. Also considering I know of a gentleman in an adjacent office who has done nothing for the last year accept surf the net because his personal circumstances and employment have caused Das Schloss to attempt to sweep him under the carpet and ignore the fact he is a problem. A lot of the guidance here is reliant on the fact that your surfing does not interfere with your job, or breach certain fundamentals like downloading and surfing porn.

31 July, 2006 08:43  
Blogger SafeTinspector said...

If you filter on "tasteless" you'll end up with hardly any internet left.

As for their methods: sounds like the sort of groupthink non-techies end up using to make their decisions when they don't hire a good consultant.
You're right:take away admin rights to the pc.
You could also set up multiple security groups with varying levels of internet access. You could also set it up so specific public access or kiosk internet devices are filtered differently than the workstations used by employees for regular work.
You could do a combination thereof!
You could even have it silently log the activity of "tasteless" browsing for later review.

People lack imagination.

You could even set up a plush RFID ducky that can be used for internet access. If you aren't holding the plush ducky, you can't access the internet--fair and simple!

01 August, 2006 14:43  

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