Friday, May 12, 2006

Love Poem.

Like I could actually write a love poem, well here is an attempt:

Love Poem.

What use the limpid pools.
Flowers and sickening love birds,
Sycophantic rubbish!

More like…..

My soul is a dark and despicable thing this night.

I look into her eyes,
And she rips the still beating heart out of my chest,
With an almost careless disregarded smile,
More addictive then crack cocaine,
That illuminates the universe,
She tosses it to one side.

I descend into a pitch black pit of self loathing,
And self recrimination,
Never to be able to concentrate ever again.

Wishing only for another oh so brief moment.
To see that smile again,

To bathe in it’s beauty and light.

Simon Kennedy 19/07/2005. Performed (The Cha Cha Bar).


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