Friday, November 14, 2008

Dyssing Monadys

To many of you this may appear a trifle late in the day. A couple of weeks ago there was a national dyslexia awareness week.
Many of you may have missed that fact. To most of you it would have meant very little even if you did notice the fact.
It personally meant quiet a bit to me, as I was not personally diagnosed as dyslexic until I was twenty nine and already a mature student at Durham University.
I was a little perturbed the Museum didn't actually do anything during the week in question, or if they did I, much like yourselves, didn't notice it.
Having a special interest I should have perhaps raised the issue myself.
Why am I bringing this to your attention now, you will be wondering?
To share with you what I have been doing for the past two Mondays of this month and what I will be doing next Monday, and the Monday after as well.
I have actually spent the last two weeks travelling over to Old Street, to a bar called The Troy, to spend the evening listening to poets, plays, and watch excerpts from films. All written, performed, directed, and even acted by dyslexics.
As a response to dyslexic awareness week Lennie Varvarides and the Misfits Production company, have produced and populated the Dyssing Monadys festival as a celebration of talented dyslexics from all walks of theatre and literature.
Again why am I waiting until now to bring this to your attention?
Self publicity. Because next Monday yours truly will actually be performing some of his own poetry at the venue in the evening.
Now don't get me wrong this is not the only reason to attend (though from my point of view a very important one), the evening is a pleasant mix of entertainment and well worth the visit even if I were not performing.

I urge you please come along and see or yourselves.

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