Friday, May 29, 2009

How should we tackle illegal downloading?

In response to this BBC article.

I’m sorry this persistence by the media and Corporate entertainment companies in using phrases similar to “Home Taping is Killing Music”, also reeled out for video and recordable DVD and now mpeg etc electronic file formats, is based entirely on a false economy.

The data presented always presents figures for money lost. This assumes that if the file (music, film) were not “pirated” it would be bought “legally”. I see no statistical basis to justify this assumption. Just because some one downloads something does not mean they would buy it if there were no other means to obtain it. Just because a million people download a film does not mean the film industry would have made fifteen million quid from it if the pirate copy did not exist.

This is another “knee jerk” reaction to a new media and market that the huge corporations are not geared up to be able to act in. In fact the new economic model (i.e. bands selling directly to their audience without the need for the corporate middle man) is terrifying the big businesses.
The solution to the problem is quiet simple, reduce the cost of the individual DVD by reducing the amount of profit you’re trying to make. You will then sell more units “legally” thus making more addition to your profit (the model works for Tesco’s why not the film industry?).

How should we tackle illegal downloading?

Stop being so greedy and move with the times (Dinosaurs).

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